GEEARS regularly surveys Georgia voters to better understand attitudes and opinions on early learning. We continuously find strong, bipartisan support for early care and education in Georgia. In September 2020, we conducted our latest poll and, again, found strong support for programs for our earliest learners.

The 2020 poll found the following:

  • Early Childhood Education (ECE) and paid leave are important issues to Georgians
  • Georgians support targeted financial assistance to child care industry
  • Nearly 9 in 10 Georgia voters support paid family leave
  • 88% believe funding for early childhood education should be increased or maintained
  • 85% support funding to increase quality & availability of child care for infants & toddlers
  • 88% support funding to help low-to-moderate income families afford child care
  • 88% support comparable salaries for early education professionals
  • 91% support Georgia’s free, Lottery-funded voluntary Pre-K
  • 65% are more likely to vote for candidates supportive of early care & learning

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2020 Georgia Likely Voter Poll Presentation & Executive Summary

Polling Presentation

Polling Executive Summary

“If you looked at this poll, you looked at a perfect example of where Democrats and Republicans agree. If our country’s looking to come together and looking for issues that we can come together on, this issue’s a perfect one because voters get it. This could be one of those issues that rises into ascendancy in America.”

– Keith Frederick, FrederickPolls