There are only 2,000 days between the time a baby is born and when he or she will begin kindergarten.

GEEARS is leading a statewide public awareness campaign to spread the message about the importance of a child’s first 2,000 days of life. We are continuously seeking new partners, champions, and supporters. #GAFirst2KDays

Why the First 2,000 Days?

There are only 2,000 days between the time a baby is born and when he or she will begin kindergarten. During that time brain architecture is forming, creating either a strong or weak foundation for all future learning. Child development is a dynamic, interactive process that is not predetermined. It occurs in the context of relationships, experiences and environments. Harvard University neuroscientist Jack Shonkoff puts it this way, “brains are built not born.”

For optimal development and a strong foundation, children need good health, strong families and high quality early learning and school experiences. With quality early child development experiences, children are school ready, graduate from high school and grow into productive citizens and valuable employees.

During the first 2,000 days, our brains grow fastest between the ages of 0 and 3. Investing in programs and policies that support early brain development in infants and toddlers, yields significant returns in the long run through more years of education, more employment, and better health as an adult. That’s why GEEARS has partnered with ZERO TO THREE to promote the ThinkBabies™campaign!

As a trusted partner, GEEARS will bring together stakeholders from across the public and private sectors to advance policies that ensure infants, toddlers, and families have what they need to thrive. The Think Babies campaign is designed to bring national attention to the many issues that affect babies and families.

The purpose of the Think Babies campaign is to make infants and toddlers a national priority!

  • Quality, affordable child care
  • Time for parents to bond with their babies
  • Healthy emotional development
  • Strong physical health and nutrition

Georgia will focus on the following:

  1. Quality, affordable, quality child care
  2. Healthy physical and emotional development

More information on brain development:

  • The brain is one of the only organs not fully developed at birth. Early experiences are built into our bodies. 
  • We aren’t born with the skills that enable us to control impulses, make plans, and stay focused. 

Engage your community

Engage your community about the importance of the first 2000 days of a child’s life and why early learning is a priority for our state. It’s easy with the First 2,000 Days toolkit available for organizations that sign on as partners!

Materials include:

  • Presentations: Available in PowerPoint along with a Guide with Talking Points. Faith presentation also available. Both a full presentation and condensed presentation will be provided.
  • Infographic and Brochure
  • Print Materials: The First 2,000 Days Brochure, Fact Sheet for Faith Community, Business Community Handout, Response Cards (tailored for faith, business, community audiences) and more.
  • Talking Points: Easy to share talking points for members of your organization asked to discuss the importance of early childhood.
  • Social Media posts to share with your network.
  • More materials and resources will continue to be added for Georgia Campaign Leaders (Partners).

Campaign Leaders (Partners)

Our Campaign Leaders commit their organization to integrate the message of the importance of early childhood development into their work, goals, strategies, and events. While the promise is strong, the actions can be simple.

Campaign leaders show their commitment to sharing the First 2000 Days message by:

  • Adding the First 2000 Days web button to their website
  • Including prepared early childhood facts in their organization’s newsletter
  • Presenting the campaign video and presentation to board and staff members
  • Sharing pre-drafted campaign posts on their organization’s social media and newsletters when asked
  • Incorporating early childhood into their organization’s strategies
  • Inviting other organizations to become Campaign Leaders

Join us as a Campaign Leader (Partner)


Champions play key roles in community outreach. They are trained to give the First 2000 Days presentation, suggest opportunities to give presentations and are presenters themselves. These community influencers carry the First 2000 Days message with them in their professional and personal life.

Champions share the First 2000 Days message in their everyday lives by:

  • Submitting a Photo + quote or video clip about the importance of the first 2,000 days of a child’s life that will be shared online or in print
  • Sharing campaign updates via email, social media, and in person
  • Presenting the First 2000 Days PowerPoint and/or Video to businesses, organizations, or community groups
  • Committing to engage in informal conversations with their network about the First 2000 Days campaign
  • Encouraging those in their network to donate to early childhood efforts
  • Wearing their First 2,000 Days lapel pin to events

Join us as a Champion for the Campaign

Other ways to get involved…


Our Advocates pledge to serve as advocacy leaders for quality early childhood in Georgia.

  • Add their name to our list of Advocates who pledge to advocate for quality early childhood in Georgia
  • Purchase and wear a 2,000 Days shirt in order to spark dialogue – receive a free First 2000 Days pin with your purchase
  • Contact legislators about early childhood issues when asked
  • Engage in informal discussions with their network
  • Sign up as a Georgia First 2000 Days volunteer for partner organizations
  • Attend First 2000 Days Campaign Leader events in their community


Our Supporters make a small commitment that leads to a large impact by donating to and uplifting organizations supporting quality early childhood in Georgia.

  • Subscribe to the GEEARS email list to get updates on the campaign

  • Add your name to our list of Supporters who pledge to spread knowledge and passion for early education

  • Donate to an organization supporting quality early childhood in Georgia

GEEARS licensed the First 2000 Days campaign through the NC Early Childhood Foundation so that Georgians could also easily share information about the importance of a child’s first 2,000 days of life.

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