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Early Childhood Educators Deserve Better

By Sara Mead via U.S. News & World Report Teaching young children is hard work. It’s also highly skilled work: Effective early childhood educators need both a deep understanding of the science of child development and practical skills to interact with children, assess and support learning, and engage diverse parents. Yet they often do this […]

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Deal announces Georgia Center for Early Language and Literacy board

By Office of the Governor, Gov. Nathan Deal Gov. Nathan Deal today announced the creation of the board for the Georgia Center for Early Language and Literacy at Georgia College and State University (GCSU), an education and training center for developing literacy skills. The nine-member board will oversee the center, working to enhance the state’s […]

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Jennifer Garner makes pitch for early childhood education funding

By Judy Kurtz via The Hill SPOTTED: Jennifer Garner making the push for early childhood education program funding while testifying at a House Appropriations Committee hearing on Thursday. “Poverty dulls the senses. It saps hope. It destroys the will,” the “Dallas Buyers Club” actress — who’s on the board of trustees for the global humanitarian […]

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Army Generals: Child care should be priority for Georgia, as it is for military

By Maureen Downey via AJC Two retired U.S. Army generals from Atlanta and Fayetteville write today on the importance of early care and education for our future national security. The Defense Department recently called its child care workers “critical for national security” and exempted them from the hiring freeze on federal civilian employees. In this piece, […]

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Georgia first lady shares love of reading

Georgia first lady Sandra Deal delighted Riverside Primary School students Tuesday morning as she animatedly read a children’s book in hopes of increasing the students’ love of reading.

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Child care, day care, preschool — we should invest more in it

Right now there’s a white-hot spotlight on access to high-quality, affordable, child care – or lack thereof. The issue has become so prevalent that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are campaigning heavily on plans aimed at easing the cost barriers many families face when searching for child care options that are both affordable AND developmentally enriching.

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