In a recent survey, 34% of Georgia parents with young children said they had to quit a job, not take a job, or greatly change a job in the past year due to problems with child care.


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation states that a world-class workforce begins with a world-class education system. The “Bedrock of American Business” is high-quality early childhood education. 

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The availability of child care in Georgia creates over 84,000 jobs, strengthening the workforce and contributing to the overall state economy.

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GEEARS’ report, Opportunities Lost, examines how child care challenges affect parents’ participation in the workforce and can have far-reaching effects for families, employers, and the state’s economy as a whole.

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Georgia businesses need employees who are job-ready and well-prepared, in order to remain competitive. We can build a strong workforce pipeline for Georgia, but we must start early. The foundations of their workforce’s skills are built during a child’s first five years.

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