The existing structure of our child care system is unsustainable. Most parents can’t afford the high cost of child care. And providers can only charge what families in their area can afford, which often translates into near-poverty wages for early educators. 

The end of federal pandemic relief funding of more than $2 billion, which has been a historic and critical lifeline for Georgia child care providers and families, is likely to create additional barriers to access. 

Your stories — whether as a child care provider, teacher, or parent/caregiver — are critical to increasing investment in our child care system. You can click the applicable button below to share your story via audio or video (your choice). This platform makes it easy for you to record your story by asking you four quick questions that you will respond to separately. This will take about 20 minutes to complete. We’ll share your experiences with changemakers to strengthen our advocacy efforts as we work to improve outcomes for young children and families in our state.

The #GANeedsChildCare Storybank is hosted by the Georgia Infant-Toddler Coalition and its member organizations. As a Coalition, we are committed to ensuring that every family who needs affordable care can access it and that early childhood educators are adequately compensated for their skilled, essential work. Click here for a general flyer for the #GANeedsChildCare Storytelling Campaign.