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  • Stand-Up for Georgia’s Kids

    A GEEARS Fundraiser featuring Comedian DJ Pryor

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  • 2022 Georgia Voter Poll

    New polling shows that early childhood education, paid family leave, and mental health supports are priorities for Georgia voters.

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  • PAACT: Promise all atlanta children thrive

    Led by GEEARS, PAACT is a city-wide alliance of public and private partners collaborating to improve outcomes for Atlanta's youngest children and their families. Join the movement by making the PAACT today!

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Drive Change » Create Impact

We are focused on driving positive change through the following three methods.

Communicate, Convene and Collaborate

We educate, inform and mobilize stakeholders for collective action and impact to ensure all Georgia families achieve the economic, community and health benefits of setting a strong foundation prenatally and in the first five (5) years of a child’s life.

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We advocate for effective policies that support access to high-quality early learning and encourage healthy development.

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Research and Innovate

We are a trusted source who brings the most promising innovation and evidence-based practices and research to the state on behalf of Georgia’s youngest children.

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What We Know

Brain Development

The first three years of life represent the most rapid period of brain development, and experiences during these years critically shape future development.

Effects of High-Quality Early Learning

Children who attend high- quality early learning programs are more likely to graduate high school, have a job and earn higher wages, and are less likely to drop out of school, depend on social services or be arrested.

Economic Impact of Early Education

Every $1 invested in high-quality early learning yields as much as $13 in savings. In Georgia, the early care and education industry generates $4.7 billion in economic activity each year. A conservative estimate of the level of parents’ annual earnings supported by the availability of child care in Georgia is $24 billion.

The Importance of a Healthy Start

The first five years of life are the most important for a child’s future health. Young children with access to consistent preventative health services and screenings, as well as early interventions for developmental and social-emotional delays, are less likely to have chronic conditions later in life.

Our Strategies


Be a catalyst to ensure stakeholders work together to improve early childhood policy, practice, and research.


Provide opportunities for business and philanthropic leaders, policy makers and parents to deepen their understanding of current issues.


Advocate for child care quality, accessibility and affordability.


Analyze data, conduct research and champion policies  designed to close the opportunity gap and eliminate the disparities in educational outcomes among Georgia’s children.


Foster collaboration, joint planning and alignment between early education providers and public schools.


Facilitate the development and adoption of a statewide definition of success benchmarks for “kindergarten readiness.”


Support Georgia-specific research projects to improve social emotional health for children and influence public policy development.

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