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Early Childhood Resources 

Democrats, Republicans, and Independents support investments in early childhood programs. 88% of Georgia’s likely voters support using portions of lottery funds to provide voluntary Pre-K for 4-year-olds.

2020 Georgia Likely Voter Poll 


Comprehensive birth-to-five early childhood programs result in a return on investment of 13% annually. The savings come from improving outcomes in education, health, social behaviors, and employment, all of which save taxpayers money and prepare the country for a more competitive workforce.

Child care challenges in Georgia affect parents’ participation in the workforce and can have far-reaching effects for families, employers, and the state’s economy as a whole. Recent research suggests that child care challenges lead to at least $1.75 billion in losses in economic activity annually.

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Georgia voters consistently recognize the importance of early care & learning and policies that support working families. For example, nearly 9 in 10 Georgia voters support paid family leave and 88% support funding to help low-to-moderate income families afford child care.

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