GEEARS: Georgia Early Education Alliance for Ready Students is pleased to share this compilation of Early Childhood Resources which includes a wealth of details on the well-being of Georgia’s children birth to five and the programs and services that support them. We hope these resources will inform a broader understanding of the needs of Georgia’s youngest residents and their families, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Have questions about early childhood and how you can help support young children and families? Click here.

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Setting the Foundation: The Importance of the Early Years
Early Childhood Education
Health & Well-Being During Early Childhood
Family Supports

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    GEEARS is happy to be a resource to you and your committee members. We invite you to call upon us for additional information about Georgia’s children birth through five—and the programs that serve them—at any time. Contact GEEARS’ Executive Director, Mindy Binderman, by sending an email to .