2022 Runoff Election Update: Your voice is their future—and we have another opportunity to make our voices heard in the upcoming runoff election on December 6th. When no candidate receives over 50% of votes in the general election, a runoff between the top two vote-getters is required in Georgia. Statewide, voters will be voting for the U.S. Senate seat up for election. Some counties have down-ballot races as well. 
Two years ago, we wrote that the 2020 election was taking place in unprecedented times. As we prepare to choose our leaders in November, the world again faces unique challenges. But through all this volatility, there has been an unfortunate constant—families with young children often feel overlooked by policymakers.  
For evidence, look to the recent infant formula shortage, the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act with no funds designated for child care and early education, and the crisis facing the child care workforce, which has lost 8.2 percent of its essential staff since February 2020. Those that remain in the field are among the lowest paid in every state.  
GEEARS’ research has shown that parents and caregivers in Georgia are overburdened. They feel left behind by a society that doesn’t factor them into policy and business decisions.   
But if you’re a parent or ally, you are not powerless. GEEARS has created this voter guide in order to empower voters across the political spectrum to make informed decisions at the polls. Use your vote to help make our state and country a place where all families, children, and people who care for them can thrive. 



There is no better way to invest in the long-term health and future of this state than in our young kids. Creating environments for them to thrive, both with family and their larger communities, is critical to building a foundation for them to succeed as they grow and become productive members of society.

- Atlanta Father

ICYMI: 2022 Candidate Summit on Supporting Children and Families

On Monday, October 3rd, GEEARS hosted the 2022 Candidate Summit on Supporting Children and Families. Attendees and livestream viewers heard from candidates for Governor, U.S. Senate, and State School Superintendent about health, child care, Pre-K, mental health, family supports, and more. This was an exciting opportunity for candidates to share their vision for a Georgia in which all young children and their families can thrive.


Watch the Livestream


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