Make sure to count all newborn babies and young children living in your home on April 1st on the Census.


Young children under the age of five are increasingly undercounted in the Census at rates higher than any other age group. Ensuring that the Census 2020 provides an accurate picture of all people living in the United States is critical. Through the support of the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta and the National League of Cities, GEEARS is working with our partners to reach historically undercounted populations, particularly young children, in Georgia. 

Check out the materials on counting young children in Census 2020 below. 

Ways to Complete the Census

Filling out the census on your own — online, by phone, or mail — is the best way to get counted.

1) Online. Go to to complete the census online. Change the language at any time in the top righthand corner or in the bar along the bottom. If you do not have your Census ID that you received in the mail, click the blue text “If you do not have a census ID, click here” to verify your address. Check out the Online Response Guide from Voices for Georgia’s Children and Georgia Family Connection Partnership for more information.

Internet Access: For those without internet access who wish to complete the census online at, there are several options available. All xfinity hotspots are available to use free of charge, and Comcast is offering 60 days of internet free. Although many library branches have closed, some have left their Wi-Fi network on to be used from a smartphone or similar device in the parking lot. For a list of libraries and other public locations offering free Wi-Fi, click here.

2) By Phone. You have the option of completing the questionnaire by phone. To begin, call 844-330-2020, or call the number associated with your preferred language.

3) By Mail. You can mail back the paper questionnaire sent to your home. Some homes in historically undercounted areas have already received a paper questionnaire. All homes will receive a paper questionnaire if they do not first respond online or by phone by April 20th. For a guide on completing the paper questionnaire, click here.

The census is designed for people to respond on their own. Self-responding to the census prevents census takers from coming to your home to help you respond.

Young Children & the Census Materials

For Educators

For Medical Professionals



Sample Social Media Posts

Copy and paste the social media posts below to raise awareness about the importance of counting young children in the 2020 Census. Be sure to tag @GEEARS Twitter so that we can retweet your post. Suggested hashtags: #shapeourfuture #wecount #everyonecountsga #countallkids

  • Shape our future by completing the #2020Census today! Be sure to count all newborn babies and young children living in your home. Visit:


  • While we’re practicing social distancing and have more time at home, we encourage you to take a moment to complete the #2020Census. It’s going to impact our kids’ education! Visit:


  • Census counts determine the federal funding #Georgia receives for programs that serve children including National School Lunch, Title I Grants, Special Education, and Head Start. Visit:


  • The census is vital to healthcare for babies and children! More than 50% of federal dollars #Georgia received from census counts went to healthcare for things like Medicaid/CHIP, WIC, and health Shape your future by completing the 2020 Census today! Visit:


  • The census helps families get the child care, health care, and services they need to be successful, but #Georgia has the fifth-highest undercount of young kids in the country! Be sure to #CountAllKids when you complete the #2020Census. Visit:


  • Census data is used to fund programs for prenatal and infant care. Be sure your baby is counted by completing the #2020Census! Visit:


  • Did you know young children under the age of five had the highest undercount rate of any age group in Census 2010? Be sure the children in your life are counted. Visit:

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