GEEARS: Georgia Early Education Alliance for Ready Students invites you to join us for our signature event, the 2022 Candidate Summit on Supporting Children and Families. We look forward to hearing from candidates for Governor, U.S. Senate, Lieutenant Governor, and State School Superintendent about health, child care, Pre-K, mental health, family supports, and more. This is an exciting opportunity for candidates to share their vision for a Georgia in which all young children and their families can thrive.  

Monday, October 3, 2022
 Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB)
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The Summit will include a brief address from Dr. Jack Shonkoff, pediatrician and Director of Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child. A renowned expert on issues such as the impact of toxic stress and the neuroscience of early brain development, Dr. Shonkoff will discuss advances in the science of adversity and resilience. This research can help leaders develop more effective strategies and public policies to address early learning, lifelong health, and the needs of children, their families, and their teachers.  


Be the first to hear the results of GEEARS’ 2022 Poll of Likely Voters

In addition, GEEARS and our pollster will present the findings from our September 2022 survey of Georgians throughout the state who shared their thoughts about policy issues impacting children birth to five and their families.

GEEARS is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization. As such, we do not endorse candidates.  All viable candidates for the applicable offices, which we define as anyone with at least 10% support in the July 2022 AJC poll, were invited to participate. See a complete list of candidates in alphabetical order below. 

Invited Candidates


Stacy Abrams – Democrat Confirmed.

Brian Kemp – Republican (Incumbent) Not yet confirmed.

Lieutenant Governor

Charlie Bailey – Democrat Not yet confirmed.

Burt Jones – Republican Not yet confirmed.

U.S. Senate

Herschel Walker – Republican Not yet confirmed.

Rev. Raphael Warnock – Democrat (Incumbent) Confirmed.

State School Superintendent

Alisha Thomas Searcy – Democrat Confirmed.

Richard Woods – Republican (Incumbent) Confirmed.